About Chess Eleven

The year is 2020, the month is March, and the entire world has gone into Lockdown. This is the day that I, Dan, creator of Chess Eleven, downloaded a chess app for the very first time.


Looking for something to keep my mind sharp and competitive edge at bay, Chess became the official filler of the void left from no longer being able to play my beloved football. 

1 year and 2,600 games of chess later, lockdown restrictions eased and football re-entered my life. It was at this point, the multiple similarities between football and chess struck me. Tactics, starting formations, attacking pieces with defence equally at the forefront of your mind, two teams, one overall goal....the list goes on. 

Taking the basic principles of both sports, Chess Eleven opens the possibilities of a standard game of Chess, whilst refining the tactical prowess required  to be a successful football manager. Add quick thinking and a hunger for goals to the mix, you have Chess Eleven. 

I hope you enjoy the game. 

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Support Game Development

Chess Eleven is a work in progress. Become one of its contributors and support the progression and direction of the game. You can do this by playing the game and letting us know what you think! 


Thank you for playing Chess Eleven, we hope you enjoy the game!